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24hours customer service: 855-573-5755
E-Mail: support@rickswireless.com
Text: 502-966-7888

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Your first bill will be prorated to the first day of next month. If you signed up for a subscription, your due date will be the same day of each month as the day that you signed up for your service.

All the promotions are non-refundable and the payment cannot be processed through eBay or PayPal. You can pay by using other available payment options.

There will be no refund for any cancellation requested by the customer; however, you may qualify for a full refund or partial refund under our Worry-Free Policy.

Porting policy
We do accept numbers from other carrier, after you port in your number from another carrier, we do have the right to cancel your number due to non-payment and other legitimate reasons. We will consider the request if the customer want to port-out from us and if approved we will provide necessary information. We do not guarantee the port-out request and we are not responsible for any reason that the port-out request or process is failed and we do have the right to deny any port-out request. If we do approve the port-out request you must pay any remaining unpaid balance on the account to port-out. If not it is our legal right to hold onto the number and deny the request until payments is made for the full unpaid balance or for other reasons related to porting out. You will have 7 days to pay off all the balance that you owe or we will cancel the number. We do not support internal transfer.

We have free international calling and roaming to Canada and Mexico, but we do not have any free international calling roaming or texting for any other countries. Customer may request for international calling or roaming to other countries and may request to add the daypass or package to their lines. We reserved the rights to deny the international request and we may charge a deposit and have the customer sign for the international roaming/calling agreement. Customer is liable for any international charges that made. We will send you an invoice if the request is approved and we will add the package or enable the feature after we received the payment.

Please make your payment on time, we suggest you subscribe to our service. If we don't receive the payment on the due date, you will be charged for a $10 late fee. If we still don't the payment after 7 days, your service will subject to the cancellation and it can't be reversed.
Payment types that we accept: Debit and Credit Cards, Cash, Square, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Chase Quick Pay, Venmo, Google Wallet and PayPal.

Upon activating your line, you agree to our ToS.

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